Managing Projects
Once the plan is drawn up and work is underway, effective project management tools become the linchpins between potential and performance. We have the tools.

We keep a daily record of all our activities and the progress of our work. We gather information which allows project managers to deploy people and equipment most effectively. The system also provides “as-it-happens” productivity and cost measures to the project owner. This allows for unparalleled levels of supplier accountability and efficiency.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: STATECO NIG LTD. uses quality assurance procedures as set out in its Quality Management System manual.

Executive Management takes ultimate responsibility for STATECO's commitment to quality. The Quality Assurance System is maintained and administered by the Quality Assurance Manager. Adequate resources, including the assignment of trained personnel for management, performance of work and verification activities are made available on all projects.

SURVEY: STATECO NIG LTD. puts the power of information to work. It brings the most advanced equipment and software, the most capable people, and world-class experience to its survey service.

We keep our people and our equipment on the leading edge. We employ the best and the most advanced products.

PLANNING: STATECO NIG LTD. believes that planning is the foundation on which success is built. Proper planning assists the project management process by providing an organized task list of the people, equipment and material necessary to get the job done. At STATECO, planning is not a task, it is a practice. Our weekly progress reports, detailed budget tracking, and open and straight-forward communication ensure projects are finished on time and on budget.

ESTIMATING: Few projects can become a reality without hard and accurate estimates. At STATECO NIG LTD. we deliver.

We have the expert knowledge required for providing detailed and informative estimates. We provide our clients with detailed quantities and estimates. These programs also provide commitments and targets to guide us while we work.

HUMAN RESOURCES: STATECO NIG LTD. is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes and appreciates the value of every employee. Individual dignity and respect among workers is assured through our safe working conditions and promoted in a harassment-free environment. Professional development opportunities are regularly provided, thus allowing our employees to rise to the challenges of an ever-changing labor market. STATECO NIG LTD. recognizes the value and potential of self-motivation and through ongoing learning we constantly pursue initiatives that better ourselves, our employees and our company.